Anthropology 4 Resources

Course Title: Anthropology 4 (Filipino Value Systems and the Filipino Personality)
Instructor:  Ophelynn (Yen) Cano
Email Address:

Anthro 4 Facebook page

Course Description:  A comprehensive study of the values system that has influenced the ways of life, decisions, relationships, and aspirations of Filipinos and what constitutes their personhood and uniqueness

Electronic Resources

anthro 4.orozco_syllabus – Syllabus by Ms. Ditas Orozco

Gorospe_Christian Renewal_Fil Values PDF

Reading Assignment for July 24 (Mon) – Suazo: Suazo_The-Filipino-Values-in-General

What to include in the assignment:

1. Who is the author? What is the background of the author?
2.  A summary of the article that discusses three important points in the article.
3. Give three things that struck you or resonated with you (not necessarily the same points you discussed in #2).  Explain why each of these points resonated with you. Cite examples from your personal experience.


  • Typewritten
  • single-spaced
  • May be written in bullet or narrative form with
  • Margins .5 on all sides
  • SHORT bond paper
  • Font 12 – Arial/Calibri/Times New Roman – please stick to these fonts
  • Minimum of two pages and maximum of 4 pages

Lecture 1_July 6 PDF:  Lec 1_Jul 6 PDF



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