About Yen

I’m a teacher, a History major, a Researcher, coffee lover, Jesus follower, a geek and control freak.  I have had the privilege of teaching in the college, high school (both senior high and junior high), elementary (Grade 2), and preschool (Nursery) levels.  I like teaching college best of all.  Someday, I hope I get to teach in the graduate level and mentor students working on historical research projects.

I love History, coffee and traveling.  There is something about visiting new places and going on an adventure that energizes me.  Libraries are also one of my happy places along with Starbucks especially its Galleria and Axis Escario branches.  The smell of new books and freshly brewed coffee always does wonders for my soul.  I find it hard to survive a day without Grab, Google Maps, Waze, and my laptop.  You could say that I am a digital addict as I have been very dependent on apps and the internet.  They have made my life so much easier and convenient.

I am an introvert.  I hate making small talk and would rather stay in the background rather than talk to a crowd or to big groups.  Alas, my work and certain circumstances today force me to get out of my comfort zone and talk to people.  I would rather spend a day reading books, going to the library or the archives and typing away on my laptop with a good cup of coffee.

My faith is an integral part of me.  I am not religious but I love Jesus and I subscribe to his words and principles.  I believe that my teaching should be grounded on my love for Christ and love for the Philippines.

I am a full-time graduate student of History at the University of San Carlos right now.  I am also working part-time as a Museum Researcher for a private museum here in Cebu City.  The owner commissioned me to write a family history for him.  It is about a Chinese family, their roots and the story of how his father and his uncles migrated from Fujian, China.

As a History major, I have two research projects that I am working on as a personal initiative: Student Activism in Cebu during the Marcos era and a study on food and hunger in Cebu during the American colonial period.  These works have given me opportunities to present my research in two conferences last year — one in Manila and one in Texas (paper on American tariff policy and the Filipinos’ food consumption).

I dream of pursuing my Ph.D. studies abroad.  A girl can dream.  I hope someday it’ll come to pass.  But for now, I am learning to be content with where I have been planted.


Email:  teacheryen.wp@gmail.com


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