About Me! :)

June 2017

I am a full-time graduate student (MA History), working on a research project on a family history for a Chinese family and its context in the Chinese migration in Southeast Asia.  Occasionally, I teach review classes in Social Studies (General Education) for the LET.

I’ve one subject that I’m teaching in STC and until now I still can’t get over how different it is teaching college students from students in basic education levels. Hah! 

I like reading books especially Vince Flynn novels.  I’m an introvert who would rather be reading somewhere in a cafe with a cup of good coffee than being in the middle of a crowd making small talk.  I have a tendency to “hide” but then I am learning this time to take risks and put myself out there and connect with new people.  

I enjoy taking long walks especially when the place is lined with trees, I love libraries and the smell of books and I love digging through the books at Booksale. 📚😍


I’m back in Cebu and teaching Culture and Research classes in the Senior High School level in one of the Christian schools here in the metro.

I love Jesus and I love teaching!  I teach because I believe that what I do in the classroom and bits and pieces of my teaching and my life can create ripples of change in my nation.  I long to see my beloved nation changed and transformed by the power of God’s love.  I teach because I believe in the next generation and the hope that they’ll be the next leaders in the Philippines someday.






This was in 2015

I teach energetic, very active and dynamic 2nd graders in a public school in the Philippines.

I love these kiddos and I’m very proud of their persistence, their will and desire to try something new and their joie de vivre. Every day I learn something new from and about them.

I’m glad our worlds have collided. They’ve made my life more challenging, colorful, never a dull moment with these 2nd-graders. :))

This is our class motto: “Bright ko. Dali ko makat-on. Buotan ko. Ako ay taga-Grade 2 Banana.” (I am smart. I learn fast. I am nice. I’m from Grade 2-Banana.)


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