SOCIAL STUDIES Performance Task (Periodical Exam)

SOCIAL STUDIES Performance Task (Periodical Exam)


Answers must be typewritten on a SHORT (8.5 x 11) bond paper.  Use Arial/Times New Roman/Calibri font (size 12), SINGLE-SPACED for your answers.  Correct format = 5 points —- *One page/sheet for each answer.

  1. SPEECH – – You have been tasked by UNESCO as a Youth Representative to WRITE a speech about Western imperialism in the Philippines.  You are given 5-10 minutes by the organization to make a case AGAINST Western Imperialism.  Describe how the Western countries (Spain and the Philippines) colonized the Philippines and give its long-term effects.  Give examples in any of the following areas:  language, culture, religion, government, educational system.  Choose only TWO (2) areas and cite specific examples in your speech.

Your speech must be formal, entertaining and interesting to the listener.  It must be factual and based on historical facts.  You may use your textbook as a source, websites (provided they are reliable and credible) or library books.

Use TWO (2) more sources in addition to your textbook.  Make sure that your speech is easily understood and your main point is clear.  You may start with a story or an anecdote based on our colonial history and build your argument against imperialism around it. 😊  Happy Writing!


Please cite your sources using the following format (MLA – Modern Language Association) format

You can find the name of the publisher, the city where the book was published, its copyright (year) on the first few pages.


Format for BOOKS

Last, First Name. Book. City: Publisher, Year Published. Print.

Examples for BOOKS

James, Henry. The Ambassadors. Rockville: Serenity, 2009. Print.

Dickens, Charles. Great Expectations. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1942. Print.

Format for WEBSITES

Last name, First name. “Article Title.” Website Title. Publisher of Website, Day Month Year article was published. Web. Day Month Year article was accessed.

Examples for WEBSITES

Cain, Kevin. “The Negative Effects of Facebook on Communication.” Social Media Today RSS N.p., 29 June 2012. Web. 02 Jan. 2013.


Grading for the Speech – Look at the scores on the topmost part and multiply it by 6 points so that the highest score you can get for the speech is 24 points.

Catchy Title = 1 point

Speech = 24 points

Format = 5 points

Sources = 10 points (For every source you get 2 points each = 2 points x 2 sources = ­ points)

Correct format per source:  3 points x 2 points = 6 points

No additional source – no points for sources

The use of your textbook will not be credited for the points.

Again, please make sure that your speech is FACTUAL, INTERESTING/ENTERTAINING and, at the same time, FORMAL and suited to the audience that is, UNESCO.  Thank you!

Rubric for the speech writing

rubric for SPEECH